I’ve been bouncing around the idea of keeping a blog for just about forever.. I’m always worried I’ll be too busy to update “enough”.. maybe I will be. If I am, I apologize. My hope is that I will make time for it, and that I can share the experiences I have with others. First and foremost, I married my best friend and together we have three amazing boys. Nothing in my life prepared me for what it would be like to raise three little boys. I never anticipated the silliness, the roughhousing, the way they work together to get away with somethng they shouldn’t be doing, or sleeping in a queen sized bed occupied by five people. 

And they eat. They love to eat. It runs in my family.. and my husbands… there is food at the center of everything. Family dinners, holidays, celebrations, sometimes for no reason at all. Most people gather in their living rooms or family rooms… not us. You’ll find us firmly planted around the dining room table, passing dishes, sharing recipes and bulding tiny houses out of our vegetables. We cook, we bake, we grill and we always do it big, with lots of love and laughter, surrounded by friends and family.

If all goes as planned I’ll be sharing those moments and those recipes. I hope my boys will help and I hope you will enjoy the content, maybe even find new recipes to share with your own families. It’s lunchtime now so I’ll leave with this…. when life gives you lemons, chase your youngest child until you get the lemons back, explain the difference between a lemon and a ball, then make some lemonade…